As an integral division of the Poonawalla Group, Intervalve® Poonawalla Ltd. advances the group's tradition of excellence in the valve manufacturing sector. Being an IS09001:ISO14001:ISO45001-certified company, we embody design precision and benchmark standards, boasting a diverse range of products, including Butterfly, Ball, Globe, Gate, Check valves, and Dual Plate. We serve a broad range of industries, such as oil & gas, refineries, chemicals, minerals, mining, steel, power, pharmaceuticals, paints, fertilisers, petrochemicals, water, and other key global process industries.

Internationally recognised, we have a solid market presence in India and the Middle East, the UK, the USA, Germany, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Our supply of millions of valves substantiates our potential for exceptional product advancement. At the core of our operation is our clientele. We supply standard and specialised valves crafted to meet unique requirements, supported by abundant inventory, ensuring prompt availability through our committed sales channels.

Choosing Intervalve® Poonawalla means engaging in a partnership that exceeds product provision. We undertake comprehensive project management, accompanying you through each project phase. Our services extend beyond product delivery, offering support for installation and integration, guaranteeing a smooth process and surpassing expectations.

Committed to constant improvement and customer satisfaction, Intervalve® Poonawalla Ltd strives to deliver products aligning with specific client needs, supplemented by valuable technical assistance.

Regulatory adherence is integral to us. We ensure the fulfilment of all statutory and customer needs, taking corrective and preventive actions as necessary and consistently maintaining high standards across our operations.

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  • Mission

    In the dynamic flow control industry, our mission is to lead with Passion, deliver unmatched Performance, Prioritize our People, and pursue Perfection for sustainable growth.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be the unparalleled leader in the flow control industry, setting new standards of Excellence while spearheading the ongoing advancement of our nation.

    By empowering our workforce and fostering the Growth and Development of our people, we aim to positively contribute to the growth and prosperity of our Nation, making a lasting impact on both the industry and our society.

  • Values

    Our core commitment revolves around Best-in-Class Quality, propelling us to deliver excellence consistently. Central to our mission is Customer Satisfaction and understanding its pivotal role in our success. Beyond mere business, our focus on the Betterment of Society & Environment reflects our dedication to positive global impact. We firmly adhere to High Ethical Standards, ensuring transparent and honourable operations. Prioritizing our Health & Safety First Principle, we ensure a secure environment for our people. This ethos complements our drive for Operational Excellence, optimizing every process. With an eye on the future, Sustainability is integral to our strategy, aiming for enduring positive change. And guiding our progress is our Creative & Innovative Approach, urging us to reimagine and innovate constantly.

Our Facilities

Intervalve® Poonawalla Ltd embodies a blend of diverse, innovative, and cutting-edge facilities, each a testament to our uncompromising commitment to the highest quality touchstone. We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art infrastructure, clearly reflecting our forward-thinking approach in the flow control industry.
Every product under the Poonawalla Engineering banner carries our promise of unparalleled quality. Our firm belief is that the foundation of customer satisfaction lies in adhering strictly to industry standards, an ethos we incorporate into every stage of our production process
Our facilities, equipped with the latest technology, further amplify our ability to deliver precision-engineered products consistently. By continuous innovation in our operational framework, we ensure our offerings meet and exceed customer expectations, cementing our position as a trusted name in the industry.

The Poonawalla Group

The Poonawalla Group of Companies, headquartered in Pune, India, is a diversified group with business interests that include Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Engineering, Finance & Realty and Aviation.

Guided by tenacity, focus, and inventive thinking, we emphasize quality and meaningful results. Our agenda, clear and absolute, is to beget industry growth and reinforce our commitment to our clients’ success.

Our Team