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Your defense against the harshest of corrosive processes.
Intervalve’s PTFE lined Butterfly valve model IVTFE provides an optimum solution to the corrosion problems encountered by the chemical process industries with conventional butterfly valves. The PTFE seat liner covers the entire wetted surface of the body. It extends onto the flange contact faces, thus eliminating the possibility of any media contact with the body metal.
The circularly molded full backup elastomer and live-loaded disc shoulder sealing ensure bubble-tight closing of the valve with zero shaft leakage. The valve is adaptable for ON/OFF as well as control duty and can be fitted with actuators and accessories as required to meet the specific duty conditions.
The PTFE-lined butterfly valve comes in a split body design, allowing easy assembly and service.

Product Specifications


BS EN 593

Size Range

DN50 To DN300

Leakage Classification

Tight shut off

Face to Face

API 609 , BS EN 558 , ISO 5752

Operating Temperature

-25° C ~ +200° C.*

Pressure Rating

PN 2.5 / PN 6 /PN 10

Testing Standard

API 598, EN 12266

Flange Standard

ASME 150;DIN PN10/16;IS:6392 NP1.0/1.6; BS 10 TAB

Flow Direction




DN50 To DN300

Material of construction

  • Body : SGI / WCB / CF8 /CF8M
  • Disc : CF8 / CF8M / SPL. ALLOYS
  • Seat : PTFE/RPTFE
  • Shaft : AISI 410 /SS 316 SH /17-4 PH
  • Shaft Sealing : O-Rings
  • Backup Elastomer : Viton / EPDM
  • Fasteners (Internal) : STAINLESS STEEL 304


Hand lever

DN50 To DN200

Gear Box

DN50 To DN300


DN50 To DN300

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