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Soft Seat Ball Valve

Ball Valves

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Ball Valves

The trusted choice for vital industrial applications.

Our ball valve portfolio stands out for its long-lasting reliability and safety in services spanning a high-pressure and wide temperature range as well as exposure to corrosive fluids. Emphasizing maximum safety and environmental protection, our models incorporate corrosion-resistant materials, control of fugitive emissions, fire-safe testing, blowout-proof stems, and tight shut-off capabilities. Customers worldwide can select from numerous configurations, all conforming to international design and performance standards, to meet their specific requirements. Our selection spans from Floating to Trunnion and soft to metal seats designed to provide dependable control, on-off, and emergency shutdown performance in various end-use scenarios. These valves can also be used in vacuum application.

- Design: API 6D
- Testing: API 607, EN598, EN12266
- Type Test: EN15848, API 607

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